Tech Support Is it Time for a Tune-up? One of the things that you may notice on our website when you read about our services is “tune-up”, it’s all over the place, but understanding what it means could help you protect your computer. The biggest sign that your computer may need a tune-up would be poor performance. This could include your computer starting very slowly and noisily (noises that it didn’t use to make). Once the computer is started up you may notice that programs take forever to open, web pages take a long time to load and you may notice that you have to try several times to open programs. Even if you’re not experiencing any of these, you may still want to tune-up before this happens. As you run programs and browse the internet, your computer picks things up, little bits of data that help optimize web pages, tracking cookies that companies use to target ads, and sometimes malicious stuff gets in.tune-up Is it Time for a Tune-up? computer 1209641 1920 But what actually happens when you get your computer tuned-up? When you call or live-chat with a OneSupport agent for a computer tune-up the tech will remotely log in to your computer. This sounds scary to some people, however, you’ll still be able to fully control your computer and you’ll be able to see what our tech is doing the entire time. There will also be a chat window available for you to ask our tech any questions you may have. Once the agent gets logged in they’ll begin cleaning up your computer. They’ll remove the bits of data that you’ve picked up from the internet, they’ll run scans to check for malware and computer viruses(and remove it if found), remove unnecessary browser add-ons and plugins, and edit the way your computer starts up. Mitch, a long time OneSupport tech explains why they edit your start-up, “Editing the startup is also a huge part of it because you are taking things out of the startup which do not need to run all the time and saving resources.” After this, the tech will clean up your disk space and defragment your hard drive. So now you may be thinking “what on earth does that mean?” To be perfectly honest with you, I wasn’t sure either. tune-up Is it Time for a Tune-up? hacking 2903156 1920According to Mitch, “The PC stores data on the drive wherever there is space. A lot of times it will split up files and put parts in different physical sections, fragmenting them. Defrag takes these parts of files and moves them around on the disk to put them back together, making them faster to read.” Throughout various parts of the tune-up, you’ll notice scans and processes running and the agent will restart the computer, maybe a few times, then they’ll let you know when they’re done and then they’ll disconnect from your computer. The tune-up process is simple but the time it takes will vary depending on how much “stuff” is on your computer. Since we’re open 24/7 you can have our techs do a tune-up for you at any time, day or night any day of the year. We’re here and we’re ready to help. Give one of our 100% U.S. based agents a call today at 844-417-8776 or chat with us at