Computer Support & Services

Servicing Staten Island, Brooklyn & New Jersey

Computer Networking for Small Business

We offer computer networking in Staten Island, Brooklyn and New Jersey for any size business.

Network Security Assessment

Your network is critical to running your business. But did you realize your network security is probably being probed for vulnerabilities on a daily basis?

WIFI / Wireless Help and Support

A well planned wireless network permits you to easily expand your internal network and improve your employee productivity.

Network Printing for Small Business

Printing in the workplace no longer has to be a source of frustration. Now there are many integrated options to take advantage of in a network printer.

Remote Office (VPN) for Your Small Business

Do you want to connect to your computer across the Internet from virtually any computer or Smartphone?

Email for Small Business

Does your business email frustrate you? Maybe you can’t access it from home. Or perhaps it seems to lack the features you have in free web-based personal email.

High Speed Internet Access

Struggling with slow or unreliable Internet connection in the office? There are a number of reasons for poor performance over your Internet access.

Surveillance Cameras

Not only can you archive your digital surveillance camera system footage, you can view it remotely over the Internet.

Web Hosting for Small Business

Ever wonder if you’re paying too much for that website hosting or application hosting you signed up for years ago? We often discover that our clients are paying too much.

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