Remote Office (VPN) for Your Small Business

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Remote Office (VPN)

Do you want to connect to your computer across the Internet from virtually any computer or Smartphone? You can leave your computer at the office and still access your files, applications and email.

Free yourself and your staff to run your business from anywhere you choose. With a Virtual Private Network, you enable staff to access and share the information they need to conduct business — anywhere, anytime!

Plus, you can set permission levels to give specific people access to specific data, documents, software applications and more.

The benefits are quite compelling:

  • Your most valuable employees can work from home or on the road
  • Secure, real-time access
  • Lower overhead utility costs
  • Less wasted time spent traveling
  • Reduced commuting expenses
Be ready for business continuity before disaster strikes. An act of nature or terrorism isn’t the only way your business may be adversely affected. One day you might come to work and discover that asbestos contamination or other cause prevents you and your employees from accessing your building.

Your workday doesn’t have to screech to a halt if your staff has remote access to the data and applications they need.

Stop being tethered to a desk

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